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Auto Restoration

Restore your car to its like-new condition after an accident with our quality auto restoration services.

Servicing Cars Since 1974

If you get involved in a fender bender or a pile-up, it’s essential to take immediate and appropriate action to restore your car to its pre-damaged condition. After auto body repair, the work isn’t done yet. It’s also important to invest in auto restoration to get your car back to its pristine condition. Let a trusted auto body repair shop make this process convenient for you!

Exhibit Collision Center is here to provide you with a wide array of services to restore your car. We’re a team of professional technicians who provide comprehensive auto restoration services. Whether you require partial or full auto restoration, we have you covered. We have an I-CAR Gold Class certification, so we guarantee you that we provide reliable services.

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How Our Auto Restoration Process Works

With four decades of experience in the industry, we’ve learned the ins and outs of restoring cars. At our auto body repair shop, car owners can choose from a partial or full auto restoration.

Partial Auto Restoration

1. Auto Body Work and Paint Restoration

One of the first steps to restoring your car is to have its structure and body repaired. When you bring it to our shop for auto restoration, we’ll straighten its frame, fix all the damaged parts, and provide you with a flawless paint job.

2. Interior Upgrade

Once the exterior upgrade is complete, we’ll proceed with freshening up your car’s interior. We’ll clean its floors and seats and remove any pollutants that might cause damage in the long run.

3. Mechanical and Electrical System Upgrade

Whenever needed, we’ll also upgrade your car’s mechanical and electrical systems. These systems require multiple upgrades from time to time, so this step is an essential part of the auto restoration process.

4. Steering, Brake, and Suspension System Upgrade

To complete the partial auto restoration process, we’ll upgrade your steering, brake, and suspension systems. All these systems are essential to ensuring that your car can be driven safely and properly.

Full Auto Restoration

1. Mechanical or Chemical Paint Stripping

Whether it’s mechanical or chemical paint removal, we have the required training to perform it. We’ll make sure that we remove the old paint completely to give the new one a clean and smooth surface to bond to.

2. Rust Removal

The metal parts of cars can corrode over time, especially when exposed to humid weather conditions. Removing rust is part of our full auto restoration process. We perform it to prevent further damage.

3. Trim Replacement

Your car’s trim, including its bumper, headlights, door and window seals, and wheel wells, are not exempted from wear and tear. In our full auto restoration, we can replace these car components.

4. Engine Rebuild or Replacement

Another important part of our auto restoration process is engine rebuild or replacement. With our professional technicians on the job, you’ll be advised on the best course of action to take, whether opt for a rebuild or invest in a new engine.

5. Steering, Brake, and Suspension System Upgrade

Similar to partial auto restoration, full auto restoration also involves various system upgrades. We’ll upgrade your steering, brake, and suspension systems to ensure a smooth driving experience on the road.

6. Interior Upgrade

The last step to complete the full auto restoration process is to perform an interior upgrade. We’ll replace your car’s dash, carpets, dash, foam, seat covers, and door panels.

Brands We Service

At Exhibit Collision Center, we perform auto restoration on a wide range of vehicles. We have the required training and experience to service cars from the following manufacturers:

Benefits of Investing in Auto Restoration

Here are some advantages of investing in Exhibit Collision Center’s auto restoration service:

1. Preserved Car Condition

Investing in auto restoration can preserve your car’s pristine condition. With its systems and components replaced or upgraded, it is sure to remain working as it should and looking as attractive as it can be.

2. Increased Car Value

By getting auto restoration, you’re providing your car with proper maintenance. This, in turn, can increase its resale value. So, auto restoration can be beneficial should you plan to sell your car in the future.

3. Improved Driving Experience

With auto restoration, you can personalize your car. You can have some of its components upgraded according to your preferences. Whether partial or full restoration, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to craft a ride tailored to your interests.

Why Choose Exhibit Collision Center

Among the numerous providers of auto restoration services, Exhibit Collision Center stands among the most trusted ones. Here are the things that set us apart from other auto body repair shops:

1. Unmatched Quality

We have four decades’ worth of experience repairing and restoring cars damaged due to collisions. Our years in the business give you the assurance that we can help you get your back to its optimal condition.

2. OEM Parts

After collisions and during auto restoration, replacing car parts is inevitable. We don’t only specialize in carrying out repairs, but we also give our clients access to OEM parts whenever necessary.

3. Factory-Trained Technicians

Our successful track record of repairing and restoring cars speaks for itself. Aside from our I-CAR Gold Class certification, we invest in continuous training to uphold the quality of our work.

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Invest in auto restoration to keep your car running and looking like new. If you have inquiries regarding our auto restoration services, feel free to connect with us. We’ll provide you with a restoration plan that suits your needs and budget.