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Digital Color Matching

Keep your car looking like new with digital color matching from Exhibit Collision Center.

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There are a lot of factors that can cause damage to car paint. Regardless, it’s essential that you properly maintain your automobile to keep it in pristine condition. One of the best ways to ensure that your car paint remains flawless is digital color matching. This process can help you determine the right color to use for your car should you need repainting.

At Exhibit Collision Center, we provide digital color matching to ensure an exemplary paint job for our clients. We understand that your car is one of your biggest investments, so we’re here to help you maintain it. Our factory-trained technicians have access to state-of-the-art technology that can accurately determine the exact paint color to use during repairs.

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How Our Digital Color Matching Process Works

With more than 48 years of providing auto paint services, we’ve learned the ins and outs of determining the right paint color. Here’s how our digital color matching process works:

1. Gathering Relevant Information

Our professional technicians will start by asking you some questions about your car. We’ll gather essential information, such as your car’s make and model, to ensure that we get the paint color right.

2. Inputting the Information

Next, we’ll input your car’s specifications and all the other gathered information into our device, which our team of factory-trained technicians utilizes to determine the exact paint color to use.

3. Matching the Color

Using our device, we’ll take photos of your car from different angles. With the given car specifications and photos, it will automatically match your car’s color and provide us with the right paint color to utilize.

4. Painting Your Car

After we determine the perfect match for your car’s paint color, we’ll then proceed with the paint job. Our well-experienced technicians have years of experience, so you have the assurance that we provide quality auto painting services.

Brands We Service

Exhibit Collision Center has more than four decades of experience repainting cars from a wide array of brands. Our professional technicians have the required knowledge and skills to provide digital color matching to the following vehicles:

Why Invest in Digital Color Matching

Here are a few reasons digital color matching is essential when it comes to keeping cars looking like new:

1. Automobile manufacturers don't always disclose paint color codes.

While some manufacturers release paint color codes, some don’t. This is one of the reasons it’s best to utilize digital color matching. It takes out the guesswork and helps determine the accurate paint colors to use.

2. Car paint fades over time.

Even if you know your vehicle’s paint color code, there might still be some discrepancy when repainting is done. Due to various factors, such as exposure to extreme heat or weather, paint fades over time.

With the use of modern digital color matching technology, however, our professional technicians can help you determine the current color of your car. This, in turn, ensures a flawless paint job.

3. Paint color codes aren't 100% accurate.

Some auto body repair shops have access to paint color codes, but that doesn’t guarantee an accurate paint job. For instance, a batch of “sunset orange” paint color produced this year might differ from a batch produced the following year.

Why Choose Exhibit Collision Center

If you’re looking for a trusted auto body repair shop to provide you with digital color matching, Exhibit Collision Center is the one to visit. Here are some reasons we’re trusted by car owners:

1. Unmatched Quality

Exhibit Collision Center has been in the auto body repair industry for more than 48 years. With more than four decades of experience, we guarantee you that we provide quality digital color matching.

2. OEM Parts

Aside from auto body repair and digital color matching, we also provide our clients with OEM parts. We understand that some incidents, such as collisions, can cause permanent damage to car parts, so we’re here to provide replacements.

3. Factory-Trained Technicians

Our auto body repair shop has an I-CAR Gold Class certification. This assures you that we’re committed to providing high-quality services. For all your digital color matching and auto body repair needs, you can rely on us!

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