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Frame Straightening

Ensure your safety on the road by calling us for auto frame straightening after an accident.

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Vehicular accidents, even low-speed collisions, can cause frame damage. Bent or misaligned car frames pose safety hazards. They can cause you to experience difficulty while driving and won’t be able to absorb shock in case you encounter another collision. This is why it’s best to utilize the services of a trusted auto body repair shop to provide you with frame straightening and help you get back on the road.

Exhibit Collision Center provides reliable auto frame straightening. We have a team of professionally trained technicians to assess the damage obtained by your car after a collision and provide you with the necessary repairs. Having been in the industry since 1974, you can rely on us to restore your car to its pre-damaged condition and ensure that your car is safe to drive.

A close-up of an auto mechanic using an Orbital sander as part of the frame straightening method.

How Our Frame Straightening Process Works

At Exhibit Collision Center, we value every client’s safety on the road. Here’s how our frame straightening process works:

1. Damage Assessment

Front-impact car accidents can cause your frame to sag or twist. Side-impact collisions, on the other hand, can cause your frame to sway. There are also some instances where collisions result in mash frame damage.

Regardless, any damage causing your car’s frame to get pushed out of alignment requires you to call for frame straightening. At our auto body repair shop, we start with a thorough inspection to see the severity of the damage.

2. Repair

After assessing the damage, we then proceed to formulate a plan on how we’ll go about the repair process. We utilize modern computerized tools to determine the correct alignment before we begin with the work.

Using our frame-straightening machine uses hydraulics and torque to restore car frames back to their original shape. Depending on the damage, our machine pushes or pulls car frames to straighten them.

In cases where the damage obtained is beyond repair, our highly trained technicians perform frame cutting. This process involves cutting the damaged part and replacing it with a new one.

Our services don’t end when your frame gets straightened. You can also rely on well-experienced technicians to repair other car parts and repaint surfaces damaged by vehicular accidents.

3. Final Inspection

Once all the repair is done, we conduct a final inspection to see whether there are damaged parts that still need fixing. We ensure that we check everything before cars leave our auto body repair shop.

Brands We Service

At Exhibit Collision Center, we have factory-trained technicians who have the required skills and knowledge to repair cars from a wide array of manufacturers, including the following:

Signs Your Car Need Frame Straightening

Here are some of the indications that you need to bring your car to a trusted auto body repair shop for frame straightening:

1. Visible Undercarriage Damage

Frame damage isn’t always where you expect it to be. There are times when it also occurs on the underside of cars. After a collision, use a flashlight to see whether there are bent, damaged, or missing components on your car’s undercarriage.

2. Crooked Driving

Another sign to look out for is crooked driving. It happens when you try to drive straight, but your vehicle veers in a different direction. This problem can affect your safety on the road, so it’s best to call for auto frame straightening right away.

3. Wheel Misalignment

A bent frame can also cause changes in your vehicle’s wheel alignment. This, in turn, might result in a variety of handling issues, which can cause more vehicular collisions in the future.

4. Worn Tires and Suspension System

When the frame gets damaged, it jeopardizes the car’s mechanisms, such as its tires and suspension system. It causes the said components to wear out easily, so it’s best that you inspect them regularly.

5. Altered Vehicle Noises

Unusual noises aren’t a good sign. To know whether your car frame is damaged, look out for screeching, squeaking, or creaking. These certain noises indicate that something’s up with your car and might point to frame damage.

6. Stubborn Trunks, Hoods, and Doors

Car parts are engineered to fit perfectly. When the frame gets misaligned, it causes the other components, such as the trunks, hoods, and doors, to fall out of alignment as well. Inspect these components and call experts if you notice that they don’t fit perfectly.

Why Choose Exhibit Collision Center

While there are other auto body shops that provide auto frame straightening, Exhibit Collision Center remains the best option. Here are some reasons we’re trusted by vehicle owners:

1. Unmatched Quality

Since 1974, Exhibit Collision Center has been restoring cars damaged by accidents. Our experience assures you that we can repair your car and realign its frame, no matter how severe the damage is.

2. OEM Parts

On top of quality auto frame straightening and other auto body repair services, we also offer OEM parts. Vehicular accidents can cause permanent damage to cars, so we’re here to provide the necessary replacements.

3. Factory-Trained Technicians

Our team of professional technicians has I-CAR Gold Class certification. This guarantees you that we prioritize quality in all our services. With us on the job, you can get back on the road right away and drive safely.

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