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Restore your car to its pre-damaged condition by calling Exhibit Collision Center after an accident.

Vehicular accidents can cause serious damage to automobiles—and getting your car repaired right away is essential to make it drivable again. Exhibit Collision Center is here to help. We’re a team of well-experienced and highly trained technicians providing a broad array of services to restore cars to their pre-collision condition. Here’s a list of the services we specialize in.

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Auto Body Repair

If you get involved in a minor fender bender or multi-car collision, call us right away. We provide comprehensive auto body repair services to restore automobiles. You can rely on us for everything, from getting rid of dents to repairing misaligned frames.

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Auto Paint

Paint protects your car from all the damaging factors on the road, so it’s best to have paint damage fixed after an accident. Let Exhibit Collision Center provide you with quality auto painting services. With more than 48 years of experience, we guarantee a flawless paint job.

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Auto Restoration

Investing in auto restoration after an accident is essential to preserve the overall appeal and resale value. At our auto body repair shop, we provide a wide array of auto restoration services, whether exterior or interior. Feel free to tell us your preferences and needs, and we’ll help you realize your dream car.

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Free Pickup & Delivery

Our team makes everything convenient for our clients. We understand that dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be stressful, so we’re here to take a weight off your shoulder. We can pick up your car and drop it off after repairs, so you won’t miss work or an important event.

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Auto Detailing

Cars get exposed to various damaging factors during their lifespan, and it’s important that they receive proper maintenance. Our technicians provide exterior and interior auto detailing services. With our services, we’ll help you maintain your car in pristine condition.

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24-Hour Towing

There are a lot of unforeseen factors that can leave you stranded on the road. Regardless, Exhibit Collision Center is always ready to help you. On top of reliable auto body repair services, we also provide round-the-clock towing. Call us for emergencies, and we’ll arrive at your location right away.

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Paintless Dent Repair

Exhibit Collision Center offers a fast and reliable way to fix dents. Our expert technicians specialize in paintless dent repair. With our modern tools, you can have your car’s bodywork normalcy restored without the costly conventional dent repair method.

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Digital Color Matching

We prioritize quality above anything. Our professional technicians utilize digital color matching to ensure a flawless paint job. It can be challenging to match paint color due to various factors, but our technique allows us to determine the right mix of paint to use.

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Frame Straightening

Your car’s frame is one of its most important safety features. It isn’t just there to make your car look appealing and smart, but it also absorbs the impact of a collision and protects you. At our auto body repair shop, we provide comprehensive and affordable auto frame straightening.

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Lifetime Warranties

At Exhibit Collision Center, we assure you that our team strives for excellence in everything we do. Our high-quality services come with lifetime warranties. We guarantee our work against defects in both workmanship and materials as long as you own your car.

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Guaranteed Completion Dates

Getting involved in an accident can be stressful. We’re here to get your car backup and running in no time. Our team of factory-trained technicians will work tirelessly to ensure that it’s drivable again at the agreed date and time.